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Morocco Day Trip

Some pictures from my trip to Tangier, Morocco. The last picture is where we ate lunch that day.

Setubal, Portugal

Mural with detail pictures Notice the ground, with the stone sidewalk & road. This type of walkway and/or road is very common here. It's...

Morocco Day Trip

Images from the day in Tangier, Morocco. Sites in the city, walking through the casbah. It was a quick view around the the small, winding...


The pictures below are from my first day in Portugal. Images include the neighborhood where Retrosario Rosa Pomar's yarn shop is--where I...

European Vacation

A few pictures and words to track my work trip to Spain and my vacation time in Portugal. (Lisbon Coast image from Wix)

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Such a long  traveling adventure--so much beauty & kindness

I arrived in Portugal Saturday morning, and had my luggage around 8am. Once outside the airport, I sighted my first view of Portuguese tiles (aka, quilt inspiration). Spoiler alert: Tiles are everywhere in Lisbon! I happen to be enchanted by the juxtaposition of tiles + graffiti. Granted, I don't really know what the graffiti says, so I only see it as art. 

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